Demopolis jazz musician releases first album

Published 11:38 am Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steve Midgorden has always had a love of music. Now, he can share his own music with the world, with the release of his first CD.

“I’ve always done music out in my shed,” he said. “I’ve collected a bunch of beat-up, old equipment out of the trash, actually. Most of it, I’ve rebuilt. I bought a pawn shop synthesizer for $50. I can’t keep a band together here, so I just made one on my own.

“I have always collected records, for 40-something years. My mother is quite an accomplished musician, and my dad was a musician, so I’ve always loved music.”

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Midgorden released the album two months ago on He calls his group Captain Daddy-O and the Mutants, and that is the name of the debut album.

“It’s a little jazz, a little rock, a little blues,” he said. “It’s a genre called ‘space music’ that you hear on public radio sometimes. It’s kind of a jazzy-bluesy mix.

“All of the pictures on the album are from Demopolis: the Coca-Cola painting on the building, the botanical gardens and others.”

The Cemex shift foreman from Demopolis said he is still trying to get a band together, which would have made playing for this album a little easier.

“I play the bass,” he said, “but all I can do is the synthesizer, since I don’t have a band. So, I have to do the drums, the bass, the keyboard, the horns — everything on the synthesizer. There’s not much bass on there; it’s mostly piano and vibes.”

The album can be found at under “Music,” where you can hear samples from the album. The album is also available at the Canebrake Craft Corner next to Bluff Hall.