DHS golf shoots lowest total in decade

Published 1:03 am Saturday, April 24, 2010

Head coach Mike Black is confident that his team is ready for sectionals after watching Demopolis (16-3-1) outpace Dallas County by 14 shots Thursday, wrapping up its regular season with the best round it has played in a decade.

“We shot the best score since I’ve been the coach here,” Black said of his team’s effort on the road at Valley Grande. “(Dallas County) is a lot better than they used to be.”

Black stated earlier this season that his hope was to get three of his players shooting below 40 before heading to sectionals. He witnessed that come to fruition Thursday as his top three seeds shot under 40 and his fourth seed missed the mark by one stroke.

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“It’s fantastic,” Black said. “We shot a 148 today. I’ve been coaching them for 10 years and that’s the best score we’ve ever had.”

Russ Seale was the low man on the team. Shooting out of the No. 1 seed, he put together a 34. Eighth-grader Braden Spiller shot a 36 on the day. No. 3 seed Ben McCarter stroked a 38. Cameron Wells, playing out of the No. 4 spot, shot a 40. Lester Mitchell played out of the No. 5 seed, marking the first time in his varsity career he has played against live competition.

“I feel great,” Black said. “My kids were all inside the clubhouse and they were teasing me, telling me they shot in the 50s.” The match gave the Tigers their best season record in Black’s tenure and provided more than enough reason to for the coach to believe in his team’s chances at sectionals.

“We finished up 16-3-1 and that’s the best record we’ve had. I really feel like we’ve got a chance in sectionals this year,” Black said. “We’re going to sectionals and you’ve got to walk 18 (holes) instead of nine. If you’re not used to it, it is tough.” Still, Black is confident in his team’s chances.

“They’ve worked really hard at it and they deserve it,” he said. The Tigers will travel to Jasper Tuesday for sectionals where they will attempt to earn a bid into sub-state play.