New superintendent needs our support

Published 11:28 pm Friday, April 30, 2010

It’s not impossible that by the next time you pick up a copy of the Demopolis Times, you’ll find a story about our new superintendent of education.

The Demopolis board of education will meet with the two finalists Monday for what is expect to be their final round of interviews.

Dr. Robert Griffin, principal of Goshen (Ala.) High School, and Eddie Tyler, assistant superintendent for supportive services with the Baldwin County (Ala.) School System, will return to Demopolis this Monday for follow-up interviews, which are expected to last approximately 30 minutes each.

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They are both now under the gun. Soon, one of them will be on the clock.

There are going to be certain factions of the community that will be unhappy with the hire for one reason or another. They’ll be upset that some candidates may not have gotten as much consideration as what many would have liked.

History’s never recorded a unanimous election so it’s not practical to expect that the selection of our new superintendent will have 100-percent favor. However, we hope those would-be detractors will give whomever is selected the benefit of the doubt and allow the new person to show the city and its school system what they have to offer.

Your disappointment in that particular candidate may begin to wane. The school system, its board and its employees deserve our full support.