Land transactions

Published 2:12 pm Monday, May 3, 2010

Alex Richards and Mattie Richards, grantee, and Ella L. Johnson, grantor, Lots 18-B, 19-A and 19-B, Collegeville addition to Linden, deed, on April 21.

Darren Kirkham, grantee, and Carolyn P. Lisenbe, Curtis O. Lisenbe, grantor, Sections 20 and 29, Township 13, Range 4E, deed, on April 22.

Paul Malcolm Howerton, Robert Paul Howerton, grantee, and Beverly G. Evans, Norman M. Evans, grantor, Lot 12, Woodland Subdivision, deed, on April 22.

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Beverly G. Evans, Norman M. Evans, grantee, and Mary F. Howerton, Paul M. Howerton, grantor, Lot 7, Pine Ridge View Lots, deed, on April 22.

Gregory Lee, Twyla Jacobs, grantee, and Earnest Jackson, Eula Richardson, Leila Jackson, William Richardson, grantor, Section 31, Township 17N, Range 4E, deed, on April 23.

L.C. Dennis, grantee, and Cindy D. Neilson, grantor, Section 36, Township 14N, Range 5E, tax deed, on April 27.

Eula Williamson, Johnny E. Williamson, grantee, and Stephen Whittington, grantor, Lot 15, Edgewood Subdivision deed, on April 27.

Kara D. Tropeano, Tony L. Tropeano, grantee, and Homestead Development LLC, Dave Wenger, grantor, deed, on April 27.

Eddie M. Smoth, grantee, and Martha F. Kent, Rex D. Kent, grantor, Lot 6, River Bluff Landing, Pahse One, deed, on April 27.

Donald D. Jones, grantee, and Clara Mason Jones, grantor, Lot 786, Block 22, City of Demopolis, quit claim deed, on April 27.

Donald D. Jones, grantee, Clara Mason Jones, grantor, Section 19, Township 18N, Range 3E, quit claim deed, on April 27.

Marengo Propane LLC, grantee, and Archie M. Bird, grantor, Lot 2, Williams Land, deed, on April 27.

Erica Massengale, Mikeal Massengale, grantee, and Harold David Anderson, James R. Anderson, Scarlet Cherry, grantor, 1/2 of Lot 16 and Lot 17, Fairview Subdivision, deed, on April 28.

Casey M. Coleman, grantee, and C. Kendall Snow, Linda Snow, grantor, Section 4, Township 17N, Range 2E, deed, on April 29.

Kenneth Webb, grantee, and John Ray Webb, grantor, Section 13, Township 13N, Range 1E, corrected deed, on April 29.

Adrienne L. Paige, Fred Clark Jr., grantee, and Heath Lowery, grantor, Lot 4, Winnie Phillips Estate, deed, on April 29.

M&P Logging Inc., grantee, and Jesse Lee Etheredge Jr., Patsy E. Cullum, Peggy E. Averette, grantor, Lot 6, J.B. King Farm Subdivision, timber deed, on April 29.

Lillie Bell Humes, grantee, and Dovie Elaine Buford, Fredrick Carl Hunter, Horace Cleo Hunter, Nora Bernice Grable, Ruby Louise Coleman, Ruby Louise Coleman, grantor, ? of Lot 216 and Lot 217, City of Demopolis, deed, on April 29.

Jaime Hamilton Gaston, Trevor Craig Gamble, grantee, and Donald Morgan, Rhonda K. Morgan, grantor, Section 12, Township 12N, Range 4E, deed, on April 30.