City taking action on dilapidated properties

Published 9:56 pm Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The City of Demopolis will take action on a number of dilapidated properties within the city limit, filing a lawsuit against the owners of the properties. The action was approved 6-0 at the Demopolis City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Mike Grayson said that he asked city building official Junior Brooker to put together a “top 10 list” of properties that need to be considered for action. City attorney Richard S. Manley added to that list.

“What I’ve done is take the top 10 that Mr. Brooker gave me and added to it a number of pieces of property that we have been (fussing) with, begging, writing, going by, etc.,” Manley told the council. “They’ve all had more than two or three calls or letters or visits.

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“What I propose is that these are going to be sued within the next two or three days. One lawsuit will be filed. Everybody on here will get a lawsuit; they will get a copy of the lawsuit and be involved in the case. I’m going to make a personal visit by each property before I file suit in the next day or two to be sure they haven’t actually gotten out there and done something.”

The addresses of the properties being considered for suit are 408 Chestnut Ave., 1319 E. Pettus St., 1809 B St., 1811 B St., 1502 Ashwood Dr., 606 2nd Ave., 309 W. Perry St., 301 N. Front Ave., 1504 U.S. Highway 80 East, 504 Jones Dr., 506 Jones Dr., 508 Jones Dr., 1009 Floyd St., 516 S. Cherry Ave., 611 E. Perry St., 1812 A St., 1012 3rd Ave,. 923 E. Pettus St., 1814 A St., 701 E. Capitol St., the northeast corner at the intersection of Washington Street and Commissioners Avenue, 608 Blacks Dr. and 1318 Jefferson Road.

Properties found to have debris that are also being considered for suit include a property on Garden Place, 708 N. Main Ave., 1043 U.S. Highway 80 West, 207 S. Ash Ave., 1907 Old Spring Hill Road and a property on U.S. Highway 80 East. Properties holding vehicles without current tags include 708 N. Main Ave., 1043 U.S. Highway 80 West, 300 S. McGee Ave. and that same U.S. Highway 80 East property found to have debris.

The next Demopolis City Council meeting will be on May 20.