Deadline nears to update voter info

Published 10:30 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marengo County residents who intend to cast a ballot in next month’s primary election are encouraged first to check their voting status.

Inside today’s edition of The Demopolis Times, you will find the most current county voters list, which includes the names of more than 15,000 registered voters.

Each are listed last name first. Each active voter is designated with an “A”. Inactive voters are noted with an “I”. Lastly, you will find each voter’s poling place.

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For example:


Above means Mr. John R. Smith is an active voter whose polling place is the Demopolis Civic Center.

To the contrary:


John R. Smith’s inactive status, noted with the letter “I” following his name, means his voter information must first be updated before he will be allowed to vote at his polling place.

“It’s important to know your voting status, and to correct it if need be, before going to vote,” Probate Judge Cindy Neilson said. “If a voter is listed as inactive, they will need to update their information before they can file a ballot.”

Voter information can be updated by contacting the board of registrars prior to the June 1 election. Information may also be updated on the day of the election at the polls.

“The problem with updating your information the day of the election is that we have more than 1,900 voters in Marengo County who are listed as inactive,” Neilson said. “The poll workers have to stop what they are doing and stop moving people through the line to make sure they get all the necessary information. It just slows everything down. If at all possible, it’s best to update your information in the days or weeks before June 1.”

Residents who have not yet registered have until May 21 to file the necessary paperwork in order to vote June 1. If you believe you are a registered voter and do not find your name on the voters list, you may contact the board of registrars.

“If you are a registered voter and your name was omitted by mistake or by an error, we will correct it – and update the information if necessary – and your name will be published in a supplemental list at the end of the month,” Neilson said.