NASCAR panel: Dover

Published 12:21 am Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jimmie Johnson has struggled since NASCAR replaced the wings with a spoiler. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

Ken Mays: I think it’s just a coincidence. He can’t win them nor will he place in all the races. But let it be known. He is by far the best racer in the business bar none. He will win another race or two but don’t ever count him out.

Jason Cannon: No. The 48 Team has been the model of consistency for years and it looks like something, maybe it’s the spoiler, has caused them some trouble they

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didn’t expect. It won’t take them much longer to figure it out, but it sure does look like that sudden change has stalled their momentum.

Mark Trest: Not at all. I knew once the change to the spoiler was made, some teams would struggle with it. Obviously, Johnson’s team was very well in tune with how to make their car run with the wing, and I’m really surprised to see that they are struggling with this change. But, don’t expect the struggle to last long. They ARE the four time defending champs.

Are you FOR or AGAINST bonus points being awarded to drivers going into the Chase, and what is your reasoning?

Ken Mays: I am all for it. They earned them so let them have what they are due for getting to where they are. Winning is why they do what they do and winning gets them to where they are at this point in the season.

Jason Cannon: I’m for the bonus points. I’m not for resetting the points to 5000 for

the Chase. It doesn’t seem fair that a guy who wins nine races has a points

lead over some drivers who win one cut so severely at the most crucial time

of the season. At least the bonus points help them make that gap back up.

Mark Trest: The bonus point system was definitely needed to reward repeat winners who, in the past, sometimes didn’t win the crown even though they won numerous races, whereas that season’s champion never even won a race. The Chase format I like to a degree, but I dont like resetting the points. Drivers with huge point leads have failed to win the Cup several times now after having their huge point lead erased by the Chase points format.

Who is having a better year: Denny Hamlin or Jamie McMurray?

Ken Mays: Denny Hamlin is having the best year of his racing career so far. With him having knee surgery and winning two races after having the operations means he is having a heck of a year.

Jason Cannon: It’s hard to ignore Hamlin’s three wins but he’s expected to do well

every year. I think Jamie Mac has well exceeded expectations this year. But

since this sport is all about where you finish, I’ll give it to Hamlin by a nose.

Mark Trest: McMurray is making great strides this season, much to everyone’s surprise, but I still wouldn’t put him in Hamlin’s league…yet. A good string of races does not a season make.  Besides, Hamlin is sixth in points, McMurray 16th. Do the math. Hamlin.

Take your best guess, who do you think the sponsor for the No. 29 car will be?

Ken Mays: I think his new sponsor will be Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. He has chapped so many butts this year on and off the track.

Jason Cannon: Tide is an occasional sponsor of Harvick’s No. 2 truck team. And it would be good to see an old-school sponsor like that hit the track full time again.

Mark Trest: I have absolutely no idea. However, since it’s a guess, I did read in an article that Kevin Harvick told Richard Childress that he’d quit complaining if Childress would quit messing with him to grow a mustache and wear mirrored sunglasses ala Dale Earnhardt. Kinda makes me wonder if Goodwrench might come back on board with RCR.

Who is your pick to win this weekend?

Ken Mays: Kyle Busch because its about time for him to break his losing streak.

Jason Cannon: Greg Biffle’s pretty stout at Dover so I’ll go with the No. 16 team to

get Ford’s first win of the season.

Mark Trest: All the expert gurus state that this is the week for the Roush cars to shine. The proof is in the numbers. Biffle has the highest average finish on all concrete tracks over the last three seasons, not to mention he is having a pretty stellar season so far this year. Gotta go with the Biff!