Troy Martin Sr. remembered

Published 12:37 am Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Editor,

As I read the obituary and talked with fellow workers about Troy Martin, we all thought back about so many wonderful and funny memories. Troy worked with the Street Department for a total of 45 years. He retired with 39 years and then kept working. Troy had a big ol’ body, which he always said that it was just more of him to love, which if you really knew Troy, it really was “more of him to love — you.”

He had a heart the size of Texas. Every conversation we ever had, he mentioned his beloved family. His entire life was devoted to the family. Troy grew up in an exceptionally hard era and he learned how to provide. He hunted and fished to feed his family and friends. Nothing ever went to waste because he was a provider.

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Troy loved his “dearly beloved,” as he often referred to Dot, and always praised Dana for being the “strong leader.” He adored all of his grandchildren and children. When Ricky came into his life, Troy found a new true friend. He treasured his and Ricky’s time together. Troy always brought his brothers by to see us at the Street Department, and of course, his dear nephew, Junior Vick was his sidekick. And as time would allow, Troy would have his nephew Scotty Biggs with him. Troy was seldom alone, because people just naturally always wanted to be with him.

Over the years, we had lots of long talks about the happenings in the world and our faith in God. He sat right by my desk one afternoon and made sure that I knew God, just as he knew Him! Troy Martin loved him mother and all the “up-bringing that she taught the family and for all the sacrifices she had made for her family.”

In loving memory of my friend!

Lucille Carpenter