UWA athletics director to speak at graduation

Published 12:29 am Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dr. E.J. Brophy, University of West Alabama athletic director, will look to develop the relationship between UWA and Demopolis just a little more when he serves as the guest speaker of the DHS graduation ceremony.

“I certainly think it goes a long way to promote that relationship,” Brophy said of the opportunity afforded him by the Demopolis City Schools board of education. “We have our second-largest alumni chapter in the world in Marengo County. When I was invited by Gary Holemon and the school board, I was glad to accept.”

“Dr. E.J. Brophy is well regarded for his professionalism and leadership,” said Holemon, the chair of the DCS board. “He has made great strides at the University of West Alabama as the athletic director in recent years, increasing fundraising, improving the university’s athletic facilities and the overall visibility of UWA sports programs. I think he is a great ambassador for UWA in general and UWA athletics particularly.”

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The relationship between UWA and the City of the People has advanced greatly in recent months with the Livingston-based university taking over the guidance of the Demopolis Higher Education Center. The University of West Alabama also plans to host the first game of its 2010 football season at Demopolis High’s stadium.

“Dr. Brophy understands the important implications of the UWA-DCS partnership to our students and we appreciate him accepting the graduation speaker position on behalf of UWA,” Holemon said.

Brophy said he hopes to focus on the future and the importance of character when he speaks to the Demopolis graduates.

“It’s really simple. Anytime I speak to a group of young people, I tell them that we have enough jerks in the world, enough nonproductive citizens,” Brophy said. “So I try to encourage them to be good wives, husbands, mothers and fathers, to do the right things and be productive members of society.”

The Demopolis High School graduation will take place Friday, May 28 at 7 p.m. in the on-campus football stadium.