Vote ‘yes’ to help area entities work

Published 12:33 am Saturday, May 15, 2010

When you go into the voting booth during the June 1 primaries, take a look at the special amendments appearing on the ballot.

One is a special election for the renewal of a 5-mill property tax to benefit the Demopolis City Schools District. The other is a local amendment to allow Marengo County to change the charges of its probate court.

The 5-mill tax is not a new tax. It is the renewal of an already existing tax that helps our schools achieve and succeed. When you look at that item, you are not seeing a new tax, but helping our schools continue through these proration-rich times.

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The local amendment is to provide the Marengo County Probate Office a means to help itself. Also brought on by tight budgets and harsh economic times, this amendment will allow the probate office to affix an additional $10 fee for each petition and an additional $5 index fee for each property instrument it handles. The office will use the additional funds to buy new equipment that it needs to do its job.

For the betterment of these entities for the people’s benefit, we encourage you to vote “Yes.”