Byrne, Davis get nod for governor

Published 10:01 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

Over the course of the past several weeks, two strong candidates have emerged for the Republican nomination for governor: Bradley Byrne and Tim James.

We throw our support for Alabama governor behind Bradley Byrne.

We like Tim James and his common-sense approach to Alabama politics, and we think he’s correct: The state does need someone with solid business sense at its helm.

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But it also needs someone who has the distinct ability to evaluate a bad situation and fix it quickly.

Both men are capable; however, since James lacks a legislative background, we feel that will hinder him in accomplishing what are admirable goals.

Byrne began his career on the Alabama Board of Education. Then, in 2002, voters in District 32 elected him to the state Senate, where he served two terms.

Also, Byrne is well versed in untangling a mess through both a practical and common sense approach.

The Alabama Board of Education appointed him chancellor of the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education to serve as the chief executive officer of Alabama’s two-year college system — a system that had become a rotting, festering mess rife with corruption.

Byrne rose to the challenge and the state emerged better off for it. We are comfortable in his inheriting a state in an economic quandary and expect similar returns. That is why The Demopolis Times endorses Byrne as the Republican candidate in the primary.


As the state struggles to emerge from an economic downturn, many will look to the man in Montgomery for answers.

The best man to have those answers is Artur Davis.

Davis has a vision of what the state of Alabama should be. More importantly, he knows what it could be and has the direction to get us there.

Having Davis in Montgomery would also bode well for the Black Belt, traditionally overlooked by governors past. Davis understands our high poverty rate. He understands our challenges and he understands our area.

As congressman, he’s introduced federal legislation that could help our area by offering financial incentives to industries locating here.

Davis knows who we are and knows what we could become and knows how to take us there, which is why The Demopolis Times endorses Davis as the Democratic candidate for governor in the primary.

It’s someone else’s turn for Alabama attorney general

The Alabama attorney general’s office has become more about politics and power than it has about justice.

When a probe was launched into the corrupt state two-year college system, most state attorney generals would have been knee-deep in the fact-finding, trying to vette every law-breaker they could find.

Not Troy King. He recused himself because he’d asked the head of the system to hire a family friend. This kind of nepotisim was part of what triggered the investigation in the first place.

King’s very public power struggle over bingo was more about him and John Tyson than it was about the people of Alabama. King long ago left behind the people of Alabama and his constituents and it’s time we returned the favor. The Demopolis Times endorses Luther Strange as the Republican candidate for attorney general in the primary.

Salter’s energy earns Republican endorsement

We like Tim James’ approach to solving the problems plaguing the state of Alabama: Business sense + common sense = success.

A Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Alabama’s 7th Congressional District, Chris Salter brings a similar business-based no-nonsense approach to his platform.

What Salter lacks in political acumen he makes up for in enthusiasm. The race is wide open, and it’s going to be a tough hill to climb for a Republican to make it out of the general election alive in this district, regardless of the nomination.

The Demopolis Times endorses Chris Salter as the Republican candidate for Alabama’s 7th Congressional District in the primary.

Democratic congressional race a draw

The Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Alabama’s 7th Congressional District comes down to two really great candidates: Shelia Smoot and Terri Sewell.

Shelia Smoot will take a lot of criticism for the disasters that have unfolded in Jefferson County and Birmingham, most of which is unjust.

What cannot be denied is that she’s aggressive and a political warrior, which is exactly what the Black Belt needs in office if we are to see any form of progress or have any voice in Washington.

Terri Sewell is from the Black Belt and familiar with this area and its strife. She’s also more than qualified for the job. She graduated with honors from Princeton University, forging the bonds needed now to represent her home region. A lifelong Democrat, Sewell worked in the summer for the 7th District congressman then-Democrat Richard Shelby, who now is a Republican U.S. senator from Alabama.

That she’s “one of us” makes her a very attractive candidate. This one’s up for debate, and we’re comfortable with either candidate winning this race.