Eaves shows unique photos of Demopolis on ‘magic camera’

Published 11:47 am Monday, May 31, 2010

Photographer Farrell Eaves has a special camera that helps him create unique photographs.

Ten years ago, he dropped his digital camera in the river while he was in New Mexico.

He used several methods to try to dry the interior of the camera out, and when he used the camera again, the photos turned out with added color, apparently provided by the camera.

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“This is the only camera on this planet that does what this camera does,” he recalled writing soon after discovering his camera’s new talent. “I had to open my mind to the magic camera, and I have been rewarded with a new perspective.”

Eaves — a native of Athens, Tenn., who visited Demopolis at the request of friend Jeff Couch — went around town on Saturday taking photos with his “magic camera” and showed the results at Lyon Hall on Sunday at an exhibit sponsored by the Two Rivers Arts Council.

The camera adds color in unique shapes on the photos, usually in the white areas, which Eaves said overwhelms the camera’s sensor.

The local photos taken by Eaves included St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Trinity Episopal Church, the downtown fountain, Gaineswood and Rooster Hall.