Cemetery needs attention

Published 4:04 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My grandparents, my father and my husband are all buried in Memorial Gardens. On at least 90 percent of my visits, Memorial Gardens is found to be unkept and in terrible condition. The grass is overgrown, and the markers are overtaken with weeds and anthills. The garbage bin is overflowing onto the ground.

The road is in terrible condition, which I have been told is due to the garbage truck. The road has been torn up for at least eight years with no attempts to repair. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the road being torn up; it needs to be repaired.

Several phone calls have been made with no response to my concerns.

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In the fall, the board created rules as to what can and can’t be on graves. Some of the graves are kept as they should and some are not. They have removed things from some graves to comply with the rules they have set, but not from all graves.

The same board members and grounds crew are responsible for both Memorial Gardens and Riverside Cemetery, yet Riverside Cemetery doesn’t have any of these problems. It is the same cemetery board and the same grounds crew, therefore, we expect the same treatment. Every grave should be treated equally and with the same respect.

Thank you,

Theresa Copeland (Holman) McCornack

Gulf Shores, Ala.