Baldwin interviews with Linden BOE

Published 9:55 am Monday, June 14, 2010

George Baldwin, director of Marengo County Technology Center in the Linden City Schools system also taught Argi-Science for 17 years in Linden.

Why do you want to be Superintendent of Linden City Schools?

I have been working in the system for 26 years…I feel that I’m qualified for the position. I feel that I could do a great job for the system and take our children where they need to be.

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What are most important functions of superintendent?

Must attend meetings; academics and funding are the two main functions of the superintendent. The superintendent job is never ending.

How would you keep BOE informed?

When I receive information I will report it to the board members. If necessary, I will request a called meeting, based on the importance of the information.

How would you resolve conflict with the BOE?

The superintendent is just an extension, or an arm of the board. I would do all I could to convince the board to make the decision, but again, it’s up to the board of education.

If the budget was prorated by 10 percent, how would you recommend, budget cuts be made?

The last cut would probably be personnel…I would look for other ways to cut…You cannot have and maintain a good functioning school system without adequate personnel. I would look at programs and extracurricular activities.

What are important elements for innovative programs?

High achieving programs that would lead to school improvement.

What curriculum trends have merit?

Any curriculum trend that promotes technology warrants merit.

What changes have you made in your present position?

Telling teachers and personnel…to teach in the areas that they feel is the most important to our area.

What attributes do you look for in a good teacher?

The first one would be qualifications. The second one would be dedication. How well they perform in the classroom and the results.

How would you stimulate professional growth in teachers?

I would continue to provide professional development. Make sure funding is there, that they receive professional development and require they attend…

How do you handle complaints from principal and parents about a teacher’s performance?

The principal would be the one to handle evaluation. Based on his or her comments we would evaluate them. I don’t care what kind of teacher you are, you’re going to have complaints. The principal would be the primary factor in what I would do.

What is your greatest administrative strength?

I would treat all principals and faculty members as I would want to be treated. I believe administrators are the key to any school system.

What is your greatest weakness?

Finding common ground and looking at it from a principal or teacher’s standpoint and making tough decisions about personnel, about hiring and firing. I’m soft hearted in those areas.

What is your most outstanding contribution?

Being able to keep all our programs certified to business and industry standards. Being able to work with all administrators in a team effort. Being able to make changes that were needed to create student improvement.

The current superintendent of education also serves as principal of Linden Elementary School. Would you be willing to serve in that capacity, also?


Could you be released room your current contract?


Would you be willing to move to Linden?

I have already made arrangements to move to the Linden City School District if I am hired.