Greensboro native has book-signing at library

Published 8:11 pm Monday, June 21, 2010

Author and Greensboro native Jaye Murphy had a book signing event at the Demopolis Public Library on Saturday to introduce her first book, “Lord, My Lord.”

The book is a collection of what she calls “rhythmic stories” written by Murphy throughout her life.

“This is actually the evolution of me,” Murphy said. “It starts off with my younger days, with me being a little bit promiscuous. It goes on to sad relationships, where I am emotionally and physically abused, and it goes into my fight to get out of these relationships, my reaching out to Christ.

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“You will see a growing relationship with Christ. It’s a back-and-forth relationship. Sometimes, I’m good with God today; the next day, I don’t understand a thing that God is doing in my life. You will see personal prayers, you will see conversations when the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and you will just see this spiritual growth.”

Murphy, who has been writing since age 7, said the collection also reveals her experiences with personal issues, what she calls her “bondages.”

“I suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks,” she said. “You will see me dealing with those as well as frustrations. I vent some of my frustrations because that’s what I do when I don’t talk to people: I just write.”

The book brings the reader through the pains and frustrations that Murphy went through during her life, and at the end, Murphy said that the reader will see a spiritual growth within her.

“I might have been at one level at the beginning of the book, and then, I’m at a better level towards the end of the book,” she said. “It’s like I’m not ‘there’ yet – I’m not where I want to be, where I need to be – but I’m standing a little bit taller than I was.”

Murphy said she is a shy, introverted person, and that the stories in her book are things that she would not tell people outright.

“That’s why I know it’s God,” she said. “I just lay it out there for you. If you didn’t know me before, you will know me after reading this book. It’s been a blessing just to know that I have blessed others through God. I am just a vessel.”

More information can be obtained by going to Murphy’s Web site, A copy of the book is available at the Demopolis Public Library. Her book can be bought at the Demopolis Christian Bookstore or at the Web site.