Draw Down date determined

Published 10:30 pm Friday, June 25, 2010

The Demopolis Quarterback Club began work on its 2010 fundraisers this week, setting a date for the third annual Demopolis High School Draw Down.

“It’s huge,” Demopolis High head football coach Tom Causey said of the team’s biggest fundraiser of the year. “That’s our main fundraiser for the year. We’ve raised anywhere from $13,000 to $17,000 the two previous years. There are so many things you don’t budget for that separate Demopolis from other programs that we are able to do because of (the Draw Down).”

Causey said the team’s reliance upon the Draw Down will increase even more this season as the roster boasts considerably more players than in previous years.

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“We’ve gone from ordering 75 T-shirts to 125 T-shirts,” Causey said. “That’s 45 more pre-game meals and post-game meals.”

The event, which will take place at the Civic Center Tuesday night July 27, will follow the same structure as previous years.

Prior to the event, 299 tickets will be sold for $100 each. That donation covers two meals and enters holders into the Draw Down.

Once all 299 tickets have been placed in the hopper, numbers will be drawn out. The first, 100th and 200th tickets drawn will each win $500. The 50th, 150th and 250th tickets will be worth $250.

Once there are only nine tickets remaining in the drum, there will be a raffle for ticket No. 300. After the 300th ticket is purchased, it will go into the drum with the remaining nine tickets. Once there are only five tickets remaining in the drum, there will be a check to see if all remaining parties can agree to split the grand prize. If there is no agreement, the final ticket pulled from the drum will win $8,000.

The event has seen considerable success in its first two years and club officials are hoping that trend continues this go-round.

In addition to an increased number of players on the team, the event takes on extra significance given that the quarterback club skipped its annual rodeo earlier this year.

The rodeo earned $17,000 in 2008 and $9,000 in 2009, both considerable chunks of money for a club supporting a Class 5A football team.

But as much as the club and community are focused on supporting the football team, Causey said the burden is on his players to take ownership in the program.

“We don’t ask them to do a whole lot as far as fundraising goes,” Causey said. “This community does so much for us and our program that we need to take some ownership back.”

In an effort to accomplish that goal, Causey is having his players take an active role in the selling of Draw Down tickets.

“As far as tickets for the Draw Down, the ball players will be selling them,” quarterback club president Kenny Freeman said.

Those who wish to attend but are unable to contact a football player are encouraged to contact Freeman at West Alabama Real Estate.

Not long after the dust settles on the Draw Down, the club will hold its second annual Fan Day. The festivities are set for Saturday, Aug. 7 and will feature a number of smaller attractions and fundraisers. Among those will be the employing of a photo section. Players will be decked out in game day uniforms as they pose for pictures with fans. Those photos will be taken by Rob Fleming of Fleming Photography.

“Rob is going to done a portion of the proceeds back to us,” Freeman said.

Freeman also said a number of other ventures are in the works, including a proposed Football 101 class for women in which Causey and his staff spend time educating attendees on the game.

The club also announced the season tickets for the Tigers’ five regular season home games will go on sale July 6. Those who purchased season tickets in 2009 will have first dibs on their choice of seats until July 16. Season tickets will open up to the general public July 19.

Season tickets for the blue reserved seats will be $60. A combo package for the blue reserved seats and a parking pass will be available for $80. General admission seats in the aluminum bleachers will be $40 while a season long parking pass is $20.

Causey said the team will also host a football camp for children aged 7 to 13 on July 13. The cost per child attending the camp will be $20.