DPD arrests nine juveniles in robbery ring

Published 10:50 pm Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Demopolis Police Department arrested nine juveniles over the weekend in connection with several robberies in the city.

Some of those juveniles had been arrested just two weeks prior after stealing vehicles and joyriding in them, including a West Alabama Public Transportation bus.

On Thursday, the DPD arrested four juveniles alleged to be involved in a string of car and home burglaries near downtown Demopolis over the last six weeks.

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“As far back in June, there have been several break-ins along Strawberry, Walnut, Main and Commissioner avenues,” said DPD chief Tommie Reese. “These involved home burglaries as well as car break-ins. In the car break-ins, the cars were not locked.

“Numerous items were recovered. Items that were stolen included jewelry and guns. We have arrested four juveniles, and more arrests of juveniles will follow.”

“I want to encourage people to lock their car doors, even when they are at their residences or in the garage,” he said. “At least, if the alarm goes off, you would know that your door is being opened. People should also not leave any valuables in their cars.”

The arrested juveniles are 14 or older, all from Demopolis.

On Monday, the Demopolis Police Department arrested five other juveniles after receiving a report that they were riding a golf cart through the streets of Demopolis.

When police found the juveniles, they discovered golf clubs and bicycles on the golf cart. All five were charged with theft of the items, including the golf cart.

“The youngest one of the bunch was 10 years of age,” Reese said. “These arrests occurred in the early-morning hours of Monday, between 3 and 4 a.m. Some of those juveniles had been arrested for the theft of the West Alabama Public Transportation bus and other vehicles (the weekend of July 3-4) — the same kids.”

Reese said the recent string of juvenile arrests took place in the early-morning hours between midnight and sunrise, when juveniles didn’t need to be out.

“It kind of makes you wonder where the parents are,” he said. “We are working on ideas with the Demopolis City Council, including the possibility of starting a curfew.

“Most of the vandalism and small thefts are occurring with the children, underage kids.”

Reese praised the police department for its work in making the arrests.

He encouraged citizens to contact the police department if they see anything suspicious or out of place. People can call the police department at 289-3073, call 911 or the Tip Line at 289-1475.