NASCAR: August 28

Published 11:38 pm Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you think Dale Junior has quit on his team?

Ken Mays: I do not think that Dale Junior is happy where he is at and I look for him to find another team or retire in the near future. If he retires the sport will lose a heck of a good ambassador.

Jason Cannon: I don’t think he’s given up but you don’t see a sense of urgency with his entire team. When Jimmie Johnson went through his little slump, you could see the frustration on that whole team. You don’t see that on Junior’s team and he’s only won one race in three years.

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Mark Trest: So, I don’t think he’s given up on his team, he’s just taking it as it comes, win or lose. I’m sure he feels the pressure of winning as all racers do, but with as much money as he’s made, he’s not gonna lose sleep over all this should he not win.

Where does Kyle Busch sweeping all three series in Bristol rank in NASCAR history?

Ken Mays: I have said all along that he was the best driver in NASCAR and he reminded me a lot of Dale Senior. He can find a hole and will do what ever it takes to win a race. His way of winning is what brought NASCAR where it is today. Like him or not, he is the best that is out there and deserves to be known as one of the greatest. So yes, I think he should be commended for having a triple crown.

Jason Cannon: Somewhere near the bottom. If Kyle Busch is entered in a truck race, he ought to win it. He’s the best driver on the track by a mile. Same for the

Nationwide Series. The competition there is a little tougher but he’s still at the top of the class.

Mark Trest: Considering it’s a seldom if ever accomplished feat, it should rank high in the NASCAR history books and stay there for a long while. Racers like Kyle, like him or not, only come along ever so often. And not many of them have the talent to race all three series, much less be competitive.

Should Cup regulars be eligible to win the Nationwide Series title?

Ken Mays: I think so. If it was not for the Cup guys racing in the Nationwide races they could not sell half the tickets they do for the Nationwide races. It’s good business for the sport.

Jason Cannon: If they are allowed to drive in the series they should be able to win the Championship. With that said, I don’t think they should be allowed in the series. With NASCAR clamping down on practice times, running a Nationwide car is just a way to get under the rule and get some extra practice for the Cup guys.

Mark Trest: If they are allowed to race then they should be able to compete for and win the championship. Many arguments these days focus on whether or not they should even be allowed to race in the series at all, but then it wouldn’t be fair to let them race but not give points, so it is what it is until they ban them from other series.

What did you think of Brad Keselowski’s driver introduction shot at Kyle Busch last week?

Ken Mays: It shows that he has just as much class as Kyle Busch.

Jason Cannon: I thought it was great. He’s already on probation so there’s not much he could have done on the track.

Mark Trest: Tell us how you really feel Bradley! Hype like this is what makes the sport what it is. Earnhardt and Waltrip made a living out of this lip service back in their day, and the fans and media ate it up! Everyone wants to see a little attitude.

Does Mark Martin make the Chase this year?

Ken Mays: No, I think that time is not on his side.

Jason Cannon: No. Not enough time left and Clint Bowyer is on fire.

Mark Trest: I hate to say this because I like Mark Martin, but stick a fork in him. He’s done in 2010. He’s losing ground fast and Bowyer is on a roll now. Momentum is everything and both racers are headed in opposite directions. Martin is going in the wrong direction.