Sports appear to be Demopolis’ big ticket

Published 11:55 pm Friday, August 27, 2010

It’s hard to argue that most of the sporting venues in Demopolis are not among the state’s elite.
It’s hard to top the facilities available at the Sports-Plex, and the nation has taken note as the city recently hosted several major youth baseball tournaments. After their booming successes, more are likely to follow.
Today, Demopolis High School’s Tiger Stadium – another fine facility – will host a collegiate football game.
That’s not to be taken lightly. That the kind of facility that can host and support a collegiate football game lies on the DHS campus is impressive for our school system and our community.
As communities line up year after year with efforts to sell themselves and their ammenities, it would appear that sporting events are a viable and attractive business for the community to engage.
The sports world has certainly taken note and word is sure to spread. Such events would be a welcome local economic boost and all we have to do is share our great facilities with visitors.
Thanks to our community and civic leaders for recognizing this opportunity, pursuing it and embracing it.

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