Civic project puts flags in Linden

Published 10:28 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictured above are Jacob Dunn, Bubba Horton, Briauna Alston, Briania Agee, Probate Judge Cindy Neilsen, Caitlin Moore, Parrish Pugh, Chris Sammons, Taylor Barley and Gerald Bruno.

LINDEN – The Linden Youth Advisory Board convened in August to get the 2010-2011 year underway, and thanks to Woodmen of the World and Byron Vice, the Youth Advisors have already completed their first civic project.
The following paragraph is an excerpt from the letter, which was delivered with each flag, explaining the project:
In this difficult period of our nation’s struggle to overcome the economic crisis that has affected us all – some certainly more than others – the Linden Youth Advisors sought a project that would signify our belief that no matter how difficult the circumstances, our nation is still blessed by the Almighty hand of God.
Nothing seemed to speak that message quite so clearly as the simple act of proudly flying and humbly saluting the American flag – the symbol that reminds us that while we are individuals who enjoy the rights afforded by that grand old banner of stars and stripes, we are also collectively one nation under God.
It was with that thought in mind that the Linden Youth Advisors determined that it would be simply amazing to fill Linden with vibrant, new American flags for every available flagpole.
Because of the generosity of Woodmen of the World, who provided the flags at no cost to the Linden Youth Advisors, and the willing service of Byron Vice, who delivered the flags immediately upon learning of the proposed project, the Linden Youth Advisors were able to present flags to all of the schools, banks, and government buildings in Linden. A total of a dozen flags will be presented as a part of the project.
The Youth Advisors would like to thank Byron Vice and Woodmen of the World for making this patriotic project possible. To each recipient of a flag, the Youth Advisors say, “Fly it with pride in our country and gratitude for the blessings of one nation under God.”

Story and photo by Mitzi Gates

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