Bike clubs turn out to support fallen member

Published 7:30 pm Monday, September 13, 2010

Members of several bike clubs from around the region turned out to support Mark Walker.

A lot of times, you will hear about motorcycle clubs and bike clubs holding a rally, where different clubs come together to talk about their clubs.
On Saturday, several bike clubs came together at Foscue Park to rally around one of their own.
Mark Walker, a member of the Dirty South Slab Ryders Bike Club here in Demopolis, broke his neck and back in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago and suffered other injuries.
The bike clubs came together to help his mother, Ann Brown, with medical costs and to show their support. Mark’s son, Antonio Richardson, was also at the event.
“He is coming along slowly,” Ann said of Mark, who is in Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa. “I am so thankful. First, I’ve got to thank God. Plus, I am so thankful to see the love come out from so many people. I just look around here, and I see the love.”
Darrell Oden, the president of the Dirty South Slab Ryders, organized the benefit in a short time.
“He (Mark) got hurt two weeks ago Sunday,” Oden said. “Everyone in the biking community came together. We’ve got bike clubs out of Tuscaloosa, Greensboro, Northport and us.
“We’re just barbecuing out here and hanging out. Every club is making donations to help out.”
Clubs turning out included the Dirty South Slab Ryders, Triple-X, Red Liners, Deals of Tuscaloosa, Most Wanted, Solo Riders, Independent Cruisers, Ten Deep, Mo, Outlaws and Legion of Doom.
Those wanting to send a card to Mark Brown at DCH should send on it in care of Ann Brown, 703 W. Prout St., Demopolis, AL 36732.

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