Students work on Foscue Park project

Published 7:49 pm Monday, September 20, 2010

Several students volunteered to take part in a beautification project at Foscue Park on Saturday. -- David B. Snow | The Blackbelt Gazette

Several students who volunteered to help with the Renew Our Rivers clean-up on Saturday were given an extra duty instead.
About 75 students came out to Foscue Park to help with a beautification project. Park workers laid out the outline of a swallowtail butterfly at the Day Use Park, and the students planted bushes and other plants within the outline.
“We ended up planting about $1,000 worth of plants,” said natural resource specialist ranger Valencia Moore. “That’s about 500 plants. There is a great variety of plants out there. We have henna, marigolds, butterfly bushes, butterfly weed and crepe myrtles, and eventually, we’ll  have some bushes to make the antennae.
“Hopefully, within the next year or two, it will start to take shape, and it will be something that the whole community can be proud of. The students who came out here did an absolutely fantastic job.”

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