Fighting the battle of the bulge

Published 12:03 am Saturday, September 25, 2010

I do not like the way I feel. I mean, I’m not crazy about the way I look. But, mostly, I do not like how unhealthy I feel. What I take comfort in is the knowledge that a lot of people feel the same way. The problem is that most of us do not like to admit it and even less of us find the motivation to do anything about it.
But changing the way we feel and the way we perceive ourselves is all about changing our lifestyles. And changing our lifestyles is something that is very hard to do alone. Maybe that is why so many people are drawn to shows like the NBC hit The Biggest Loser. We watch people confront their issues, find the motivation they need and seek out the help necessary to do something about it.
But, despite the fact that it is called reality television, it is very hard to find the real in all of it. They are still people on television, no more meaningful to us than the fictional characters on any other show.
So, this fall, The Demopolis Times is partnering with the Wellness Center at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital to find our biggest loser. Ten individuals from our community, including members of The Times staff, will be competing in the first ever Demopolis Times Biggest Loser event.
We will all weigh in at the Wellness Center Monday and then spend the next 13 weeks working to meet our respective goals. All of this from the publication that spearheaded the effort to fill the Hay Dayz corn dog eating competition. Nonetheless, Wednesday’s life page will feature “before” pictures and brief bios on each of the individual contestants. While the NBC series deals with pairs, we will be going at it alone.
But that is the beauty of it all, none of us are going at this alone. The entire point of this competition is to show you 10 people from your community who are not shy about saying, “I don’t like where I am in my life and I need a change.” Maybe you are in the same boat and we can inspire you to take the same steps. Or maybe you just find all of this entertaining. Either way, you can follow our progress on the Lifestyles page of the Wednesday edition for the next 13 weeks. Periodically we will run photos to update the public on how our contestants’ bodies are changing. Each week will also feature helpful weight loss tips and hints for our contestants and any of those who choose to take the plunge with us. In the New Year’s edition of The Demopolis Times, we will revisit all of our participants and announce a winner. The Biggest Loser will receive a year’s membership at the Wellness Center and $100 from The Demopolis Times.
Changing your health means changing your lifestyle and that takes motivation and encouragement. So from The Demopolis Times to anyone who needs it, get out there and take the plunge with us.

Jeremy D. Smith is the sports editor of The Demopolis Times.

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