NASCAR Panel: Kansas

Published 11:12 pm Friday, October 1, 2010

Is hitting a guy in practice taking “have at it boys” too far?

Ken Mays: I guess when NASCAR told them to have at it they took it serious and I think I would have done the same. I guess when the time comes to get the real important points at this time in the season, it’s not too wrong in taking out the competition when you get a chance. I think it shows that some will go to drastic measures and do whatever it takes to hang on to the points they have, wrong or not.

Jason Cannon: That’s good, old fashion NASCAR right there. Harvick was telling Denny Hamlin to keep his comments to himself and taking up for a teammate. And

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would Hamlin rather get a little rub in practice or punted into the wall during the race?

Mark Trest: I dont think “have at it boys” even came to mind with Harvick when he hit Hamlin. This was clearly a case of protecting his team’s turf after the detrimental remarks Hamlin made toward teammate Clint Bowyer in light of his team being fined by NASCAR for failing the post race car inspection after winning the Loudon race.

Will Kyle Busch’s 11 Nationwide Series win record ever be broken?

Ken Mays: I don’t think so. He is the best driver in NASCAR as far as I am concerned, even though he’s not a very liked driver by fans and other drivers. But you have to respect that he is good.

Jason Cannon: He may break it himself. As long as the Cup regulars continue to

regularly run in Nationwide, then I think there’s a good chance. I don’t think a Nationwide regular will pass him though.

Mark Trest: It is said that records are made to be broken. However, in recent memory, I dont recall any driver being as dominant in the Nationwide or the former Busch Series as Kyle Busch has been. There was a time when the late Dale Earnhardt drove both series and dominated, but I don’t recall it being this dominant.

Clint Bowyer’s penalty – good call or bad call by NASCAR?

Ken Mays: Well I look at it like this. NASCAR governs the rules and you have to except the responsibility for your actions on the track whether they are good or bad.

Jason Cannon: Good call. If he was outside the rules, he was outside the rules. Sure, it stinks that it kills his title chances but if you don’t break the rules, you don’t get caught.

Mark Trest: I have read all the articles, and unless I’m just downright naive, I am siding with Bowyer and RCR. It’s not like a car’s body can be refabricated after pre-race inspection. This just shows how pro-Hendrick NASCAR really is. Many years of watching this show has finally drawn me to this conclusion. I used to hear others say it, but now I believe it. Notice since a non-Hendrick team member blew up about the “phantom” cautions, that they again ceased to exist, and in the meanwhile, without them, the 48 stopped winning as much because they can’t get back to the front without the caution?

Is the 48 the best “bounce back” team in the garage?

Ken Mays: No doubt. That team prepares its car for the Chase the whole year. Other teams focus on the race they are racing at the time. Also, he has the smartest person in the sport as crew chief.

Jason Cannon: Without a doubt. They always win they have to and they always seem to learn from their mistakes. You rarely see the 48 team have the same problem twice.

Mark Trest: Now that I’ve totally dissed the 48 while on my high horse about NASCAR and their kangaroo court, it does go without saying, that the 48 is definitely the best “bounce back” team in the business.

Who is your pick to win this week?

Ken Mays: I am picking Jimmie Johnson to win this weekend. If not, he will be in the Top 10 anyway.

Jason Cannon: This is a good track for Tony Stewart and if he’s going to hang in there for the Cup, he better get with it.

Mark Trest: Another cookie cutter track, just happens to be Jimmie Johnson and the 48 team’s specialty. So, how can you vote against success, like them or not?