Area still under fire alert

Published 2:43 pm Thursday, October 14, 2010

The statewide Fire Alert, initially issued by the Alabama Forestry Commission on September 23, remains in effect for all 67 counties of Alabama. This alert was issued because of the extremely dry conditions which create a high risk potential for devastating wildfire. The rain received earlier this week by some counties was unfortunately not significant enough to reduce the danger. Since September 1, there have been 1,081 wildfires occurring across the state burning approximately 9,432 acres of land. During that same time period, firefighters have saved 626 occupied dwellings.

While under this Fire Alert, outdoor burning is restricted and the issuance of burn permits is limited, based on experience and resources necessary to manage the fire. Even though a permit is not required for burning one-quarter acre or less, the burner could be held responsible for suppression charges if a fire is allowed to escape. The Commission strongly recommends that citizens postpone all outdoor burning until adequate precipitation is received.

The Fire Alert will remain in effect until rescinded by the State Forester, when conditions will have changed sufficiently to reduce the frequency and severity of wildfires.

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