Theo Ratliff Center lands $10k grant

Published 1:10 pm Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jason Cannon/The Demopolis Times -- Ed Ward, Mark Pettus, A.J. McCampbell and Mike Grayson

McCampbell presented TRC Director Ed Ward with the funds yesterday which will help support the facilities program’s including the tutorial program.

“Our tutorial program is mandatory for all participants at the center,” Ward said. “They come in, we help them with their homework, we work with them on their reading and math, and then they can go play.”

Ward said the center makes approximately 5,000 contacts per month.

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“This is a great facility with a great program, doing a lot of good things in the community,” said McCampbell who secured that grant through the General Fund.

Ward said up to 21 students can be serviced in reading and math tutoring at one time using the center’s computer lab, while an additional 15-20 students complete their homework.

“Each of those programs are made possible by the staff here,” Ward said, noting the need for volunteers. “We do a lot now, but we could do a lot more if we had people who could volunteer part of their time to the kids.”