Mitchell Congress calls town hall meeting for District 2 citizens

Published 5:24 pm Friday, October 15, 2010

City Councilman Mitchell Congress will hold a town hall meeting Wednesday, Oct. 20 at Rooster Hall for the residents of District 2.

“I promised during the campaign I would meet with the people of District 2,” Congress said of the decision to hold the forum.

Congress indicated residents of the district have contacted him recently regarding a number of concerns in the community. Those communications have prompted the scheduling of the meeting.

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“Some of the people contacted me with concerns about streets, dilapidated housing and things in our area,” Congress said. The city councilman said the meeting will cover a number of topics from road paving, water and sewer in the area to community development, public safety and the city budget.

“From there I will see what I can do to take their concerns to the council,” Congress said of the event, which is not unlike a meeting he has conducted in the past regarding issues for residents on Sunset Road.

“I just hope to see everybody from District 2,” Congress said. “We’ll have refreshments as well.”