NASCAR Panel: Martinsville

Published 12:20 am Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you think the Natiowide Series needs a Chase format?

Ken Mays: Might as well. Every other race sport has gone to it. Even the outboard race boats do it.

Jason Cannon: Nationwide needs something to tighten up the standings but it’s not going to help much until they break up the Cup regulars from the rest of the pack. There either needs to be two classifications of champions or the point structure for Cup regulars needs to be different.

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Mark Trest: Considering the problems the series is faced with, it might not be a bad idea. Question is, is it feasible to do so with all the Cup drivers in the field, and Cup races not always coinciding at the same venue? With such high stakes on the line, teams may not want their driver having to hop scotch the map trying to make races, which is exactly what guys like Kyle Busch do week in and week out, but he is an extraordinary talent to begin with. NASCAR definitely ought to at least give it a look.

Is Jamie McMurray the Comeback Driver of the Year?

Ken Mays: Kinda. He is very talented and has done some great things this year. The most important thing is, can he do it again next year?

Jason Cannon: Without a doubt. You win at three of the most renowned tracks on the circuit, and win arguably the two biggest races of the year, you’re doing

something right. He’s finished in the Top 5 nine times this year. He’s been

pretty solid.

Mark Trest: I’d have to say so. After all the team swapping going on in the off season, I definitely didnt have McMurray on my radar as a threat to win some of the biggest races of the year. There’s a lot to be said about chemistry, and his team surely has what he didn’t over at Rousch Racing last year. Good for him.

Was Jimmie Johnson’s recovery from an early spin the save of the year?

Ken Mays: I did not see it due to watching a football game but the ones that told me about it said it was one heck of a save.

Jason Cannon: It certainly cemented him as the man to beat in the Chase. I thought he was done for, but in true 48 fashion, he came roaring back. I thought this may be the year someone passes him but he’s the King and it looks like he will reign for a long time.

Mark Trest: Personally, I didnt get to see it, as I was out of town over the weekend. But from what I heard, it probably was. Talk about avoiding disaster. Could have eaten the wall, got a low finish, and he wouldn’t look nearly so pretty in the standings as he does right now. It’s a wonderful view from the top, huh Jimmie?

Do you think Kasey Kahne quit on his team?

Ken Mays: No! That man is a class act. He loves racing even if it is a team that did him the way they have.

Jason Cannon: I think so. He doesn’t have anything to drive for except pride and I

don’t think that motivates him. It doesn’t look like he’s putting on a good showing for his team. I’ve long thought that Kahne was this generation’s Michael Waltrip. He’s not a great driver and he’ll shill any product you throw at him for a few bucks.

Mark Trest: I read the article, heard all the opinions, and I, too, questioned Kasey on this one. Let’s face it, Petty race teams are lower tier compared to what Kasey is accustomed to driving. I can’t say I don’t blame him if he truly feels this way, and if he has quit on his team. Hopefully, though, he didn’t, and if he was sick, hopefully he is better, and can finish out the season with his dignity intact.

Who is your pick to win this weekend?

Ken Mays: am going with Cousin Carl Edwards this week. He needs a win in the worst way and I feel like pulling for a underdog this week just like I am going to pull for Auburn and who ever plays Bama. Have a great weekend and War Eagle!

Jason Cannon: Denny Hamlin. If he’s really going to make a run at Jimmie Johnson, this is the place to do it. He’s running out of time and this is Hamlin’s


Mark Trest: Two drivers come to mind with this track, and they are both fighting for the Championship. Johnson and Hamlin. Don’t be surprised if they finish 1-2. Both are very good at Martinsville.