Safety makes a Happy Halloween

Published 12:17 am Saturday, October 23, 2010

On any other night during the year, the idea of individuals dressed in disguises and knocking on doors would lead many to lock their doors, turn out the lights and inform the authorities. But, on Halloween, it is quite the opposite.

And, since the annual dress up night falls on the Sunday this year, Demopolis and Linden have decided to move the festivities to Saturday, giving those of school age – and their parents – time to recover before heading back to school.

This event also brings with it a set of special safety tips that most holidays – or in the case of Halloween, pseudo-holidays – don’t normally call for.

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So, here are some easy safety tips experts are offering parents this year.

• Leave the child’s face unobstructed. If a trick-or-treater wears a hat, be sure it fits well and doesn’t block vision.

• Stripe any costume with highly reflective tape front and back to make the young candy hunter easier to see in the dark.

• Require children wear flat shoes that fit well, without heels. Avoid over-sized shoes .

• Never let children trick-or-treat by themselves.

• Trick or treat in well-lighted areas.

• Do not allow children to eat any treats until the group has returned home and an adult has examined the contents of each bag.

Again, this is a short list of what kind of safety tips are out there from law enforcement, emergency medical and health officials.

Parents, do your research and make sure this Halloween is full of plenty of treats, and do everything you can do to avoid any of the tricks.

Stay safe and have a great Halloween.