Linden studying financial literacy classes

Published 12:53 am Saturday, October 30, 2010

LINDEN — The city board of education tabled the discussion of an item Monday that would implement financial literacy training for LHS students.

The literacy classes, an idea presented by Linden City Schools Superintendent Dr. Tyrone Smith, would teach students basic financial skills ranging from investing to applying for and managing credit cards to understanding and improving credit scores.

“There is an array of things they need to be able to do when they leave Linden,” Smith said of the need for such curriculum.

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Smith will be working with Linden High School principal Timothy Thurman to determine how to best implement the material in a manner in which it would act as a supplement for what the high school already has in place.

The basis for the lessons would likely come from EverFi, an organization which designs and provides financial literacy lessons to public high schools free of charge via the internet.

With materials available via online access, it is possible the school system could make the courses available as early as next semester. However it would be implemented, Smith is confident such material would be beneficial to LHS students.

“We want our children to be able to compete when they leave Linden,” Smith said of an initiative that would adequately accent his systemwide focus. “this is based on our district theme, that is empowering children to be able to compete globally. We should do everything humanly possible to expose our children to things that exist outside of Linden.”