Alabama Panel: LSU Week

Published 12:33 am Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will LSU’s dual QBs serve more to keep the Alabama defense off balance or play into the Tide’s favor?

Kenny Freeman: I think it gives you more to prepare for during the week but, I don’t

think it makes a lot of difference once the game starts.

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Shannon Ferguson: I don’t think it really matters. LSU’s passing game has been dead no matter if Jefferson or Lee is at the helm. But one thing for sure is our defense has got to shut down the running game of Stevan Ridley.

Roger Hoggle: I think the two QB system hinders the offense when they have different strengths and weaknesses. When FLA had Leak and Tebow they were both good passers and dangerous runners. LSU doesn’t have that. One is a passer and one is a runner. That should play into our favor.

What, if anything, do you hope the Tide tweaked during the bye week?

Kenny Freeman: I hope they worked on their blocking assignments so they can have a strong, ball control rushing attack.

Shannon Ferguson: I hoped they worked on the running game!

Roger Hoggle: I hope our offensive line got some things worked out up front. They haven’t given good protection in the passing game or made the huge holes we had last year to run through. Our defensive line hopefully worked on getting more of a push up front. We have got to put more pressure on the QB and not let him sit comfortably in the pocket and get into a rhythm throwing the ball.

Given LSU surrendered 440 rushing yards to Auburn in its last outing, are you comfortable with the matchup Alabama faces Saturday?

Kenny Freeman: That goes back to the rushing attack which starts up front, if the O-line has a good day, I think it will be a great day.

Shannon Ferguson: Comfortable no, nervous is more like it. LSU’s defense is tough, they lead the SEC in total defense. Our offensive line has got to stop Nevis and Sheppard because they are going to be after GMAC the whole game.

Roger Hoggle: LSU has a good defensive line so I don’t think we will run with ease against them early. Hopefully, we can establish the pass early and that will open up the running game and in the second half we can pound them with a dose of Trent and Mark.

If LSU’s defense is capable of shutting downthe run, what would it take for McElroy to win the game?

Kenny Freeman: Let’s just hope they don’t shut down Ingram and Richardson.

Shannon Ferguson: He’s going to have to stretch the field and find the open receivers.

Roger Hoggle: First he needs time to see the coverage and make his reads. Second, he has to deliver the ball on target and on time so that the receivers can catch and run.

What is your prediction for a key player and the final score?

Kenny Freeman: The O-line has got to have a good day. Bama  24, LSU  20.

Shannon Ferguson: Dont’a Hightower is my key player! He’s got to be aggressive and be fast getting to the ball and run over whoever gets in his way! 23-17 Bama.

Roger Hoggle: I say early on McElroy and late in the game Ingram will have his breakout game this year. Final Bama 27, LSU 17.