NASCAR Panel: Texas

Published 12:30 am Saturday, November 6, 2010

Does the win at ‘Dega redeem Clint Bowyer after his penalty at Loudon?

Ken Mays: I would say so. Look at Jimmy Johnson. They were caught cheating a few years back and look at how much it has hurt his team.

Jason Cannon: It legitimizes his being in the Chase but I don’t think it erases the

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cloud over whether or not the team did anything wrong at Loudon. Food for

thought: If Bowyer hadn’t had been hit with that penalty in Loudon, what

does the Chase look like now?

Mark Trest: While the win doesnt kill the sting of the penalty, yes, it has to be of some consolation, considering he is without his crew chief, who was also suspended. Shows his team is still very strong.

Nobody wanted to help the 48 late at ‘Dega. Is it “the world vs. Jimmie


Ken Mays: Yep, A lot of NASCAR fans would love to see him go down this year just for the fact that he has been the champ for such a long time.

Jason Cannon: I think it’s been like that since week one. You saw Johnson push Jeff Gordon to the front and then Gordon bailed on him saying his engine was

blowing up. Funny how that engine never gave up and Gordon managed to finish


Mark Trest: Many drivers have had difficulties finding drafting friends at Talladega and Daytona over the years, that’s why some never have success there. On the other hand, Jimmie is finding it difficult right now because everyone wants to beat him. So, yes, he could say it’s him against the world right now.

With so much being left to chance and so many drivers racing in the back, should ‘Dega even be in the Chase?

Ken Mays: Not at this point because it is so hard to fill the stands. Dega seems to always be full of fans both times during the year. If things do not change they might even need to add a third race.

Jason Cannon: You need a Superspeedway in the Chase and you can’t dictate racing strategy. Something similar would have happened at Daytona.

Mark Trest: Good argument. The style of racing some are choosing to pursue at Dega does leave a bittersweet taste in fans’ mouth. I don’t care for it, but I do understand why some teams choose to do so. You have to be around at the end to win, and if the “Big One” takes you out halfway, you won’t be there to challenge for a win. Maybe NASCAR should rotate tracks on and off the Chase much like the NFL rotates the Super Bowl to differerent venues.

What non-Chase driver has been most impressive during the nine Chase races thus far?

Ken Mays: McMurray has been very impressive this year.

Jason Cannon: Juan Pablo Montoya has looked pretty good these past few weeks and looked really strong in Talladega.

Mark Trest: Joey Logano. The NASCAR power rankings had to help me on this one, four Top 10s in seven Chase races. Better than most of the Chase field.

Who is your pick to win this week?

Ken Mays: I am going with Cousin Carl Edwards. He has done well at this track before and he is in dire need of a win.

Jason Cannon: I like Carl Edwards in Texas. It won’t mean much to his title hopes, because he doesn’t have any, but I think he’ll get the checkered.

Mark Trest: Hamlin won Texas in the spring with you know who in 2nd (Johnson). Could be another 1-2 finish. Going with Hamlin on this one. He seems to flourish on tracks where he has won before.