Auburn Panel: Georgia week

Published 12:06 am Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whose play during Saturday’s blowout of Chattanooga impressed you the most?

Bill Meador: I don’t know if one individual player’s performance stood out, but I liked the way the entire team stayed focused and took care of putting away UTC early to allow almost everyone to play.

Jonathan Jenkins: The Team’s play by the first string players! With the distractions that occurred last week, anything could have happened and spelled disaster. Yet, the first string offense and defense came out and ran their packages to perfection.

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Rick Dunn: I did not see the game, but I did read about it. I almost hate to say it, but Cam continues to impress me. I am very pleased with the performances of the other offensive players, but Cam is one of those athletes that makes those around him better.

Are victories over South Carolina and LSU even more impressive now that both those teams have beaten Alabama?

Bill Meador: The victories over USC and LSU stand on their own, but the fact they beat Bama sure helps their resume as well as ours. USC losing the way they did to Arkansas softens the luster somewhat. Both wins are good ones though.

Jonathan Jenkins: Les Miles said something about an average day in the SEC. That’s why the SEC has the only winning record among conferences represented in the BCS CHampionship Game. Yes, we beat up on each otehr, but we temper our champions whether they be Alabama, LSU, Florida, or hopefully soon Auburn. Every SEC win by any SEC team is special. That’s why we talk about them 365 days a year.

Rick Dunn: Absolutely. The USC game was impressive because the defense came through when it had to.  In the LSU game, we essentially ran all over a team that held UAT in check. Now, that being said, the Iron Bowl will be on a different day and there will be a different dynamic in play, but I must say that our performances against common foes is encouraging.

Finish this sentence: If Auburn is going to beat Georgia, they have to:

Bill Meador: Auburn needs to keep doing what they are doing. I mean being physical on offense as well as mixing things up. On defense they need to stop the run and force GA into passing (be very aware of A.J. Green).

Jonathan Jenkins: Georgia is already a very one-dimensional passing team. Auburn’s secondary and defensive line must have a good day. On the flip side in the past two weeks, Auburn has proven that it has a passing game; now it must successfully mix the run and the pass to keep the Georgia offense completely off-balance. In other words, Auburn must have a dominating game from start to finish. In 1971, the Auburn-Georgia game won Pat Sullivan the Heisman trophy. After the last two weeks, history must repeat itself for Cam to win it in 2010.

Rick Dunn: I think that UGA will “pin their ears back” and come after us. They will play physical and will be looking for the big play. Should they get one or two early, we must stay focused and not get rattled. It has been a very unsettling 10 days. Beyond that, we will need to get pressure on the QB and take what their defense gives us.

Who is your pick to win this weekend and what’s your final score prediction?

Bill Meador: Even though GA’s record is not that good, they have won four of their last five and they will be ready for the Tigers, but AU 48 – Ga 29.

Jonathan Jenkins: Auburn 51, Georgia 24.

Rick Dunn: Auburn wins, 38 – 24.