Alabama Panel: Georgia State week

Published 1:08 am Saturday, November 20, 2010

What impressed you most about the Mississippi State win?

Kenny Freeman: I thought the offense had  a much better game, it looked like to me they played with more heart.

Jason Cannon: Alabama studied the game film from LSU and saw how a running quarterback spread their defense out and picked them apart. The defense played one of its best, and most consistent, games in several weeks.

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Roger Hoggle: We played a complete game. I was impressed with the defense being able to contain their rushing attack, specifically Ballard.

How did you like the play calling last week against Mississippi State?

Kenny Freeman: I like the fact that they mixed it up a little, it got to where the play

calling was some what predictable.

Jason Cannon: The play calling was a little unconventional but I thinks it needed to be. Alabama’s best bet was to get MSU off balance early and keep them there. They did a good job of that.

Roger Hoggle: I really liked the play calling. I have been wanting to see us get out on the corners and take advantage of defenses crowding the line of scrimmage.

I also think we have to continue to get the ball in Julio’s hands early and often. His playmaking ability really helps open up the running game for us.

Robert Lester has seven interceptions. Julio Jones has 885 yards receiving. Which Foley product do you like the most?

Kenny Freeman: I am glad they both play for Alabama and I like to watch them both, but I love the physical side of Jones at wide receiver.

Jason Cannon: Defense wins ball games and Julio Jones is supposed to catch the ball. He’s a receiver. It’s, basically, his only job. It takes a special talent to take

the ball away from someone through an interception. That Lester has amassed

seven of them is pretty impressive.

Roger Hoggle: Lester has really stepped up this year to fill the void in the secondary left by losing so many from last year. But I really like Julio’s explosiveness and there is really no one that can cover him one on one. He is so big and physical, you have to double cover him and he can still get loose.

There has been a lot of talk this week regarding Nick Saban’s sideline “pat” of A.J. McCarron following a boneheaded throw. What’s your take on the situation? Like it or not?

Kenny Freeman: Football is a very physical and sometimes violent game, if you are going to play for a program like Alabama and a coach that is as intense and as

competitive as Nick Sabin you better be prepared mentally as much as physically. I didn’t have a problem with it, that’s just part of it, you should go to a practice.

Jason Cannon: I don’t see the big deal. That was a dumb throw and McCarron needed to have that explained to him. The smack on the rear was just to enforce that, I guess. If it didn’t bother McCarron, it certainly doesn’t bother me.

Roger Hoggle: As a former high school player and coach, I thought there was a lot made out of nothing. I have had a lot worse done to me as a player. This was old school coaching and seemed to be very effective as the next snap AJ took, he threw for a touchdown. He didn’t punch him he simply made his point and then emphasized it by hitting him on the backside, which coaches do a hundred times a game.

Are you satisfied with the amount of time the starters played against Georgia State?

Kenny Freeman: I would have preferred they not have played as much as they did. It would have been bad if someone had gotten hurt and missed the Auburn game, we are going to need everybody as rested and healthy as possible for that one.

Jason Cannon: It was about right. Put them in there, establish a rhythm, a big lead and yank them.

Roger Hoggle: I am pleased that the starters got to play a good amount of time and we didn’t let up. I was also pleased we played as many players as possible and got to see some young guys do well.