Alabama Panel: Iron Bowl

Published 8:34 pm Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How good is Newton and what will the Tide do to try to contain him?

Kenny Freeman: I think he is the best at what he does by far and I don’t have a clue how Alabama will contain him, I just hope they can control the ball and keep him off the field.

Shannon Ferguson: I’m only going to say it once, Cam’s good no doubt about it. Bama has got to play disciplined defense. If Newton gets out of the pocket he is going to run and pickup yardage. It would be better for Bama to have him run sideline to sideline instead of east and west.

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Roger Hoggle: He is by far the best player in college football this year. Alabama has to contain him by not over running him in pursuit, a lot like we did against Tebow last year. His big runs seem to be when the first guy over runs him and he is able to cut behind that defender.

Outside of Cam Newton, who is the biggest Auburn offensive threat?

Kenny Freeman: They don’t need another threat.

Shannon Ferguson: Well besides Cam I would have to say Mike Dyer. He’s a true freshman and has rushed over 850 yards and he didn’t even have a starting position when the season began. If he can find a wide open space or a hole he will be gone. So he’s a big threat.

Roger Hoggle: Probably Michael Dyer. He is very explosive, especially when he gets out on the corners. We have to contain him as well and force him to run in the middle and not let him get loose outside.

What do you expect to see out of Trent Richardson Friday?

Kenny Freeman: I hope to see a lot out of him. Alabama needs to control the ball like never before and Richardson is a big part of that ball control.

Shannon Ferguson: Trent is the second half of our running game so him coming off an injured knee is going to be huge. This being the Iron Bowl he better be ready to rumble!

Roger Hoggle: Trent should have a big game. Last year AU was so focused on stopping Ingram, that they let Trent hurt them a few times. Also, Auburn’s weakness on defense is in the secondary, so I look for a few screens to go to Trent.

Exactly what is it going to take for Alabama to beat Auburn?

Kenny Freeman: The offense has got to control the ball with a solid rushing attack, the defense has got to keep Newton in front of them and the fans in Bryant-Denny have got to keep the noise at an all time high when Auburn has the ball

Shannon Ferguson: First of all Auburn has not been consistent on the road this year, lucky for them they only had three road games so I think Bryant Denny is going to be a rough environment for them. But if Bama wants to win this game we have to stop the run and force the pass.

Roger Hoggle: Contain Newton and Dyer, and protect McElroy in the passing game. They are very physical on both lines and we have to play our best game to date.

Final score and key player?

Kenny Freeman: Key players are Alabama’s linebackers. Alabama 37, Auburn 35.

Shannon Ferguson: 38-30 Bama! The offensive line are my players of the game. Roger Hoggle: 37-28 Alabama. I don’t think they have anyone who can contain Julio, so I look for him to have a huge day.