Alabama questions: A look back

Published 10:59 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

Where do you hope to see Alabama land in a bowl?

Kenny Freeman: It looks like it is going to be one of three, Cotton, Capitol or Outback all of which are top bowls. I would like to see them in the Capital One Bowl.

Shannon Ferguson: I think Bama will end up in the Cotton Bowl.

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Roger Hoggle: I would love to see us in the Cotton Bowl in The Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Jan. 7th. I think if not the Cotton Bowl, we’ll be in Capitol One, Outback, or Chick Fil a bowl.

Do you see either Ingram or Jones staying?

Kenny Freeman: I would love to see both stay but I am afraid that is asking too much, I think they are both leaving.

Shannon Ferguson: If the NFL has a lock out neither one of them will leave. But when they do go pro it will be for the money for sure!

Roger Hoggle: The only way I see either of them staying is if there is a lockout in the NFL. The motivation to stay would be to finish their careers with another championship. We were young this year having lost so many players to the draft last year, so we should be a contender again next year.

Where do you rank McElroy among Alabama quarterbacks?

Kenny Freeman: I was at a practice last Dec with my son Jake who was 14 at the time and McElroy came over afterwards and introduced himself and talked to Jake for about 10 minutes, to me that was class. I say that to  say this, as far as class, smarts and a winner he is at the top in my book, as far as an athlete I would say a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Shannon Ferguson: Well you can’t put him up there with the all time greatest. But he has set some records and he has a National Championship under his belt.Plus a SEC Championship title also. He represented Alabama to the best of his ability and he was a leader on and off the field.

Roger Hoggle: I would place him in the top 2 with Namath. Namath was 29-4 at Alabama and had a Nat’l Championship. Greg is 23-5 right now and has a Nat’l Championship as well.

Who or what is to blame for Alabama’s collapse last week against Auburn?

Kenny Freeman: I like to call a spade a spade, I think they were out coached.

Shannon Ferguson: I would have to say a lack of leadership the second half and the play calling.

Roger Hoggle: There were many reasons for the loss. We let off the gas in the second half, we are young and lack some leadership, we had some injuries, and Auburn never gave up and outplayed us in the second half.

How did the season shape up as compared to what you anticipated during the preseason?

Kenny Freeman: Let’s just say not as good as I had hoped.

Roger Hoggle: Going in to the season, I was optimistic that we could have another championship run this year. However, I was also nervous about having lost so many starters especially on defense. I had a feeling our defense, especially the secondary, was going to be weaker with so many first year starters. I am still proud we are 35-5 in 3 years, It’s hard to be disappointed with that record.

Shannon Ferguson: Well I would have liked losing less games & going to the SEC Championship but I knew we would have some tough games with such a young secondary. But I’m a true Bama fan and we’ll work on things in the off season and come back strong in the fall!! Roll Tide!