BankTrust ‘angels’ need adopting off Angel Tree

Published 11:02 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

A Christmas tree is a funny thing.

Each year it seemingly gets larger as families accumulate more and more ornaments.

An Angel Tree is no different.

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This year, the Demopolis branch of BankTrust – who has hosted an Angel Tree for the past five seasons – has more Angels than ever before.

“This year, we started off with 36,” said Linda Glass, who is heading the project for the bank. “Last year we had about 28 or so.”

The bank has faced the challenge head on, having already trimmed the number of angels from 36 to 20.

However, those 20 angels still need a home and there are less than 12 days to find one.

“December 16 is the last day,” Glass said, noting that she would like to see the adoption process a little further along. “We’re a little behind where we were this time last year but we started off with more this year.”

Each angel contains a wishlist of Christmas presents for local boys and girls whose families have been identified as in-need. Glass said it was note worthy that many of the lists are not just for toys.

“A lot of them ask for clothes, and they provide the size,” she said. “It’s truly about helping a family in need, not just buying them toys for Christmas.”

Angles can be picked up from the downtown branch of BankTrust and presents can be returned there as well. Presents should not be wrapped and the purchase of presents is tax deductible.

“They ask that you keep your purchase around $50,” Glass said. “You can spend as much or as little as you want to or can afford but $50 in this case goes a long way.”