Linden PD dealing with burglary rash

Published 8:22 pm Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LINDEN – The biggest challenge facing police officers this holiday season is a rash of burglaries which began in October and have persisted.

“Since October, approximately six to eight,” Linden Police Chief Scott McClure said of the string of incidents. “For us, that’s a lot.”

One of the greatest challenges presented by the crimes are the lack of an apparent pattern, making it difficult for LPD officers to gauge whether or not the thefts are related.

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“They are ranging from businesses to homes,” McClure said. “The only thing we’ve been able to put together is that the ones that we know the approximate time of are within a two-hour span. I think we’ve had about three that were during that same time.”

McClure said burglaries are extremely common in the latter months of the year, pointing to the holiday season as the only common denominator.

“As sad as it is, people stealing for Christmas,” he said, explaining the likely motivation behind the crimes. “Around January, it starts easing up usually.”

The latest run of burglaries have primarily targeted businesses and some homes.

“Mostly it seems like what they are looking for is cash,” McClure said. “That’s why it has been businesses.”

Since the thefts began, the Linden Police Department has taken measures to help deter the crimes. McClure also said there are a number of things individuals can do to help protect their homes and businesses.

“Businesses, definitely leave lights on in your business. Leave the same light on every night. Don’t sporadically change it,” McClure said. “As far as homes, do the same thing. Leave the same light on.”

McClure said there is also help available for those who plan to be out of town for any duration.

“If you’re going out of town, feel free to contact the police department,” McClure said. “Let us know your leave date and arrival date and we’d be glad to keep an eye on things if we know that you’re gone.”