Linden reaching community through ‘community channels’

Published 10:20 am Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LINDEN – Information regarding events in Linden and Marengo County are now available online and on television after the recent launch of a pair of local community channels.

The initiative started with the Linden Community Channel, which has been up and running for a little over a year.

“It ranges from current events in Linden and Marengo County to church events,” Linden City Clerk and Events Coordinator Bruce Ward said.

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“It’s got the Yard of the Month on there.”

The information is available in a series of slides that scroll through on a continuous loop. The information is currently available on Mediacom Channel 23 and Ward is working with Demopolis CATV to make the channel available in the northern part of the county.

“We originally had a community channel, but the equipment that they had stopped working,” Ward said of the inspiration for the initiative. “And it was way past time for an update.”

The Marengo County Channel is currently available only on the internet and launched in early November. That channel is available at

“We’ve created the Marengo County events channel. We’re looking for anybody who is interested in hosting the community channel or the events channel,” Ward said. “We’d be happy to work with them on

incorporating it into their Web site.”

The current installment of the community channel features 40 slides centers largely around the holiday season.

“We have a full channel and a Christmas Channel,” Ward said. “We’ve already got Christmas music on there to get people in the spirit.”