Plant may bring other things

Published 8:42 pm Friday, January 21, 2011

News that a biofuel production facility is eyeing Boligee for a new plant could be a significant windfall for the entire area.

With a facility of that size, the impact will spread across many cities and counties as employees seek new opportunity and suppliers seek to peddle their goods.

Up to 1,000 jobs ranging from construction to actual facility employees are expected to be created. Much of those paychecks will be pumped right back into Marengo, Hale, Greene and other surrounding counties and stimulating several local economies. Those 1,000 jobs will do a lot to reduce the unemployment rate in the Black Belt while lifting spirits along the way.

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Alabama’s Black Belt Region is often overlooked on opportunities such as these but it’s good to finally see a development, especially one that will be a national leader, finally come our way.