Precautions key to being cautious

Published 8:37 pm Friday, January 28, 2011

For the past several days rumors of an alleged Marengo County police-impersonating rapist have circulated across town and the Internet.

While most of this wildfire was spread in hopes that it would bring caution to local women drivers. However, as of today, the Marengo County Sheriff’s office has not been able to determine that it’s actually happened.

Sheriff Bates and DPD Chief Tommie Reese offer several good tips on how to guard yourself against being victimized by this person. The Internet is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to fear-mongering.

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It has taken this alleged incident and blown it to astronomical proportions. Following Bates and Reese’s advice is your best route to avoiding this person – if he exists. Living in fear of what may or may not have happened – or what may or may not happen – is not.