Apathy: The antidote of progress

Published 5:21 pm Friday, February 18, 2011

Politics and political involvement are usually tough waters to navigate. While everyone claims to care, few people actually go the extra mile to show it.

Richard Shelby’s town hall visit in Demopolis last weekend was a good example. There might have been 50 people in attendance – and that estimate is not scientific but it is generous. Richard Shelby is one of our closest links to Washington D.C. Granted, it’s not likely you can rake him over the coals to implement some governmental change and expect him to go back to Washington and implement it, that people care enough to voice concern or listen to his rhyme or reason is important. Next month a meeting will be held to inform the public about the expansion of Highway 43, which has been an agonizingly slow process. We can only hope that meeting will be better attended. Poor attendance and apathy is not likely to expedite it.

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