NASCAR Panel: Off week

Published 11:03 pm Friday, March 11, 2011

After a career-best finish, should Danica Patrick run a full schedule in 2012?

Ken Mays: I for one could really care less if she drives one race or all of them. She is not a contender on the track and is not a threat to take a car from anyone. She is there to help diversify the sport and that’s all.

Jason Cannon: She may be the only driver in the world who makes headlines after a fourth place finish. Let’s see if she can sustain any kind of success before we start looking for her to expand her schedule.

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Mark Trest: One good race does not necessary mean that she has finally broken through in NASCAR. I feel she needs a lot more races under her belt before she is ready to step up to a full schedule.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. gearing up for a win after another Top 10 finish?

Ken Mays: I hope so. The guy needs a win as bad as anyone on the track. I have even heard people say that they have quit watching races because he is not winning, He is a fan favorite and  when he is winning its seems like everyone is a race fan. Kinda like some football fans. The only time you hear from them is when their team is winning. Other times they just don’t care about football that much anyway.

Jason Cannon: He’s on the right track. The next few race tracks don’t match up for him all that well but it looks like that team is getting a little better every week.

Mark Trest: While Jr has shown steady improvement up to this season, I am not ready to call him a contender just yet. Remember some of his success so far has come at the expense of other contenders’ failures. To me so far, he has survived more so than actually contended.

Is Carl Edwards a legitimate early season title favorite?

Ken Mays: I think he is. He is a fun guy to watch race. When he is on he is on. Watch out for him to be running up front more this year. He always seems to get better as the season goes on. I look for him to be doing a few more back flips than he has in the past.

Jason Cannon: Cousin Carl is one of the most dangerous drivers on the track and looks like an early threat to bump Jimmie Johnson off as King of the heap. I can’t say he’s the favorite just yet, but he’s in the conversation.

Mark Trest: Yes, I believe so. He finished last season very strong and he appears to have picked up where he left off this season.

Marcos Ambrose started second and finished fourth. Is RPM better with only two cars?

Ken Mays: I really dont think it matters how many cars a team has on the track. I think what matters is who is in the car driving and what the set up is for that track.

Jason Cannon: I think RPM is better as a two car team but I also think Marcos Ambrose is a better driver than what people give him credit for. Landing him and trimming the race shop seems to have been a Perfect Storm for them.

Mark Trest: Being as cash strapped as they have been, two teams probably works out better for RPM versus three teams. And as many of the super power teams have experienced in recent seasons, more cars on your teams have proven to be a detriment opposed to being more successful.