Senate Bill 101 not good for rural areas

Published 9:41 pm Friday, March 18, 2011

Senate Bill 101 does not need to pass. That much is apparent. In rural areas such as ours, it is hard enough to fund services such at E-911 with the inadequate tax dollars we produce. But to Senate Bill 101 would result in a statewide reduction of funding to the service. That is something Alabamians, especially in less populated areas, cannot afford.

Dozens of calls a day come over the scanner in our office. Most of them are people who need an ambulance. While some come from Demopolis, many are from Linden, Thomaston, Providence or other small towns with no way of receiving immediate medical attention. That does not even take into account car accidents or other incidents. E-911 is a major need for Marengo and other counties. Senate Bill 101 must not pass.

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