NASCAR: California

Published 11:05 pm Friday, March 25, 2011

Nationwide driver Jennifer Jo Cobb refused to start and park and walked away from her ride just before the checkered-flag dropped Sunday. Bravo, well done or career suicide?

Ken Mays: I think it was a bravo move on her behalf. How else was she going to do to get her name or face shown. I had never heard of her before then. I doubt we will hear very much out of her anymore. So I guess I could change my answer to suicide.

Jason Cannon: It must have worked because she landed a ride this weekend but you’re paid to do a job. It’s good that she has some principles because I think the start and park teams should be banned. But, if the boss says run 10 laps and park it, you’re best served to do that and quit after honoring your contract.

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Mark Trest: I can totally understand her point. She’s a racer. She came to race. If she wanted to park, she could have purchased a ticket and sat in the grandstands. Apparently, she wasn’t advised prior to accepting the ride that she’d be expected to “start and park.”  I’m sure there are those who will say she committed career suicide, but if I was an owner, I like her attitude. She wants to race is what I see! Bravo girlfriend!

Of the following drivers 43 or more points back, who could make the Chase? 1/00/31/20/83.

Ken Mays: I am going with the 20 car. I think this team can come together and make a few top ten or better finishes.

Jason Cannon: Jeff Burton is the most consistent of that bunch. He’s off to a pretty bad start but year in and year out, he’s usually in the hunt. They’ll figure it out soon.

Mark Trest: At 44pts back, Hamlin, 46pts back, Jeff Gordon, and 64pts back, Biffle, all three should compete for and make the Chase. Each is usually consistent enough to overcome their current points deficit. Any other “usual suspects” better get their game in gear quickly or they may not even make the Top 20. Some of them have become consistently inconsistent this season, and are falling out of contention very early.

Is Kyle’s record of five straight at Bristol untouchable?

Ken Mays: I think he will hold on to this recored for a real long time. This is one of the hardest racks to win at and he looks like he has figured it all out.

Jason Cannon: It’s not untouchable because anything he can do, someone else can do. And, who’s to say that he doesn’t make it six in a row. I didn’t see anything Sunday that led me to believe he was through winning at Bristol.

Mark Trest: I say yes, its untouchable. Kyle Busch is a special talent that is setting these records in ultra-competitive times.  I just dont see any up-and-comers even coming close to matching his success at Bristol.

React to Harvick recovering from a horrible start to finish sixth Sunday.

Ken Mays: Happy Harvick is a driver that you just dont learn to appreciate his ability. He is good and he is on a mission to win more races than he has in the pass.

Jason Cannon: He had some help with a bunch of wrecks but a veteran driver on a veteran team can salvage a bad day just about every time.

Mark Trest: Harvick and his team proved Sunday that they are a Championship caliber team. As opposed to throwing in the towel, they went to work, repaired his car, got back on the track, and fought for every position. This refuse to lose attitude is exactly what has won Jimmie Johnson’s team (5) straight Championship.

Who is your pick to win this week?

Ken Mays: I am going with my man Tiny Stewart. He is due to do something good.

Jason Cannon: I still think Jimmie Johnson is coming and he’s a monster in California.

Mark Trest: I have to say I’ve been impressed with Carl Edwards and his hard charging 99 car since late late season. He has been a front runner for most of this time mentioned, and California is a track where Roush cars usually excel. Based on results, Carl has to be the favorite at Fontana.