UWA adding parking for students, visitors

Published 3:07 pm Monday, April 11, 2011

LIVINGSTON – The University of West Alabama has begun construction of a parking area on campus in an effort to accommodate a growing number of resident students.

Located on Wise Loop, in an area across the street from Reed, Speith and Selden dormitories and parallel to North Washington Street, the parking lot will replace approximately 200 parking spaces in an existing lot between Speith and Selden halls and add approximately 300 additional spaces. The area will serve students residing in these dormitories as well as the building that houses the Honors Program and International Programs.

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“We encourage everyone to exercise caution while passing the zone, especially by foot or bicycle. A temporary 6-foot chain link fence has been built to maintain the boundaries of the construction zone. Safety is our top concern in this effort to accommodate our growing campus,” said Jeffery Manuel, campus police chief and director of campus safety.