City Council facing crucial time

Published 1:00 pm Monday, April 18, 2011

The Demopolis City Council is facing a number unenviable tasks at the moment. Just as the group was readying to wrap its collective mind around the promises and possibilities offered by the proposed Port of Dempoolis, the hospital was hit by the labor pains threatening its L&D department.

So the city council set up a work day to focus on trying to save the labor and delivery department, a feat that will require significant effort from a number of people starting with the doctors who deliver Demopolis’ little ones.

But even with the potential loss of labor and delivery, the pressing issue of the port is no less important. Its prospects could be bountiful for the city both in terms of job creation and outside money brought into the local economy.

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Still, the obstacles are prevalent and the road to success in such a project is long and arduous. But the city council cannot afford to give up. As much as it is important to save the labor and delivery department — and it is — establishing the Port of Demopolis is an absolute necessity. Something has to get the economic engine of the Demopolis churning faster and help will not be coming from the outside.