Learning the ‘7 Habits’

Published 4:55 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maybe you’ve heard about Steven Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, the best-selling business book of all time.

The 7 Habits workshop is the most dynamic training for personal and professional effectiveness ever developed. Participants often state that they experience a powerful life transformation that fosters greater productivity, increased influence in key relationships, stronger team unity and complete life balance.

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“I learned many things and was able to not only better understand others, but also myself, in addition to learning how to become a more highly effective person in the workforce and at home,” said University of West Alabama part-time employee and graduate student Lara Tucker.

During the workshop, which was held last week in York, participants learned how to: Develop a Personal Mission Statement, Increase Productivity, Synergize, Practice Win-Win Communication, Create a Better Balance in Your Life and Plan Around Your Priorities.

They also experienced interactive exercises with other participants. Of all the information presented throughout the workshop, City of Livingston Police Chief Ashley Welborn said it was a “very informative, self-help workshop. It keeps me balanced, focused, and aware of what quadrant I am working in. I am very glad I attended.”

Dr. Ken Tucker, Dean of The University of West Alabama’s College of Business, has been the facilitator of the 7 Habits workshop the past two years.

“We had a great group of participants both years, and I was very pleased with how they were fully engaged and actively participated in the activities and exercises,” Tucker said. “Based on their feedback, they got a lot out of the workshop and hopefully will be more effective and successful as a result of their participation.

I also appreciate the Chamber, the College of Business, and the cities of Livingston and York for sponsoring this event and making it available to both businesses and individuals in our service area.”

In 2010, the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce, UWA College of Business, and the City of Livingston held the first ever 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Workshop in Livingston.

The workshop is typically three full days and costs about $2,995. The above organizations decided to come together and partner to provide the workshop to the local business community and Chamber members at a reduced cost of $90.

Last year, UWA sent four people, along with West Alabama Bank, Bank of York, the City of Livingston, Livingston Police Department, Livingston Fire Department, Mannington Wood Floors, and the Drug Store. It was such a success that the business community, The City of York, The City of Livingston, the Chamber and UWA decided to make it an annual workshop held each Spring.

In 2011, the workshop was held at the Hightower Center in York April 5-7. UWA agreed to send three to four individuals again this year, along with the Bank of York, York Drug, Inc., the City of Livingston, Livingston Police Department and Marengo County Commission.

“Dr. Tucker was a great speaker and was able to hold your attention throughout the workshop,” said Joan Spence, a participant in the recent worksuop. “It provided me with good information, and I liked the interaction among the participants.”

Another class will be held Spring 2012 for only $90 per person in 2012.

For additional information, please contact Allison Tucker with the Sumter County Alabama Chamber of Commerce at 205-652-1580.