Budgets still not set

Published 7:27 pm Friday, May 20, 2011

Politicians will return to Montgomery on Tuesday, May 24 to address several important matters. State Representative A.J. McCampbell is very optimistic about the outcome for the remainder of the session, which ends June 9.

“I feel good about the remainder of the session. Many portions of legislation will be addressed and I do believe that they will be approved by the end of the session,” said McCampbell.

McCampbell talked about budgets in position to be passed and ones that have already been passed by the House of Representatives.

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The reformation of teacher tenure is still a concern.

“There will be a special committee that will address the reforming of teacher tenure, but we have to push it with amendments,” McCampbell said. “If we try to push it without amendments the bill will not pass.”

Other items include the education budget and the general budget.

“The education budget was in position to pass prior to the storm that damaged some schools, so right now we’re finding funding for storm damages,” said McCampbell.

“The general budget is not quite in position for passing.

“And that has to do with our unemployment rate. We would have to see a decrease in that first.”

Another still-to-be-considered concern is the Forever Wild Program.

“Nineteen years ago, the Forever Wild Program increased state ownership of land for public use, but right now the concern is to get it reauthorized by 2012. We need it to be a seamless transition.”

Other bills passed by the House of Representatives are the Hand Shake with Alabama, the Immigration bill, and general constitutional bills.

“We’ve passed about 180 to 200 general bills, but that’s just to name a few,” McCambell said.