RockTenn comes to tornado victims’ aid

Published 7:04 pm Friday, May 27, 2011

RockTenn donated $25,000 to the West Alabama Red Cross recently to aid in relief work in tornado ravaged Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas.

In the days following the April 27 outbreak RockTenn joined forces with DCH Medical Center to provide first aid to residents and first responders in the area.

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The joint medical venture, set up at Holt Elementary School, was staffed by nurses from DCH and the nursing staff from RockTenn.

“We went out in the community, we walked all through there,” Rocktenn nursing supervisor Jill Larkin said. “You see pictures but it really hits home whenever you get out there.”

The mini-med center opened May 2 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. before closing May 9.

Stacy Holtzclaw, a Registered Nurse with DCH, said the team administered more than 100 tetanus shots in that period.

“Mostly to relief workers,” she said. “We treated a lot of residents too..from stepping on nails, broken glass and puncture wounds.”

Other that it’s donations and work in Holt, RockTenn also sent suppies Geiger and Sawyerville.